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Video Production

Unforgettable Fundraising Videos

Donors are more apt to give money if they see the amazing things your organization is doing day in and out. That’s where compelling and moving fund-a-need videos come in.

Non-profits around the globe leverage fund-a-need videos to showcase their organizations, the people they serve and the differences they’re creating in their communities, one beneficiary at a time. In just a few short minutes you can create an emotional connection with donors during your auction events that results in 20-30% more donations.

Ocaprio’s fund-a-need video productions offer you a plug-and-play solution for creating a real connection with your donors at your next fundraising auction. You can expect:

  • A collaborative creative brief to nail down your unique needs and objectives.

  • Assistance creating your message and selecting video participants that can make your organization shine.

  • A full prepping of featured staff and beneficiaries to make their on-camera time a breeze.

  • All sound, lighting and camera equipment needs fully covered.

  • An experienced camera and video editing crew.

  • A fully edited video that will make your donors excited to give money

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